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Practical Behavior Training by Bill Oliver

over 30 years caring for your dog

If you have attended our class and you have a question about what you learned or saw in class, please click the "CONTACT US TODAY" link below and state your question as clearly as possible. Feel free to refer to your dog's specific habits. We try to remember all our students and each dog and owner are different. Feel free to mention your name, your dog's name or a description of who you are.


Bill will usually answer your question the same day or overnight. If it is an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone. We are always here to help, 330.278-2980.


We ask that only people who have attended (or are attending) a group class or who have had private training sessions post questions. As much as we would love to help train every single wonderful puppy in the world, each dog and owner combination is different and our training methods require that we know and understand both you and your dog before we can adequately assess your situation and give you the proper suggestions.


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